CATSmart Design


Light, slim, agile.
For stunning mobility.

CATSmart breezes through narrow hospital corridors and swings easily into place, even in your most crowded OR environment. Weighing 17lbs lighter and measuring 9” shorter than its predecessor — with smooth-glide, 360°-spin wheels and a bi-pedal, fast-brake system — CATSmart’s body is easy to adjust and nimble to maneuver.
than C.A.T.Splus device.

Device Footprint - C.A.T.Splus 4.06sqft and CATSmart 3.50sqft


CATSmart Machine in 360 Degree View

A 360 Degree View of the CATSmart Machine.

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Sitting or standing, it’s all within reach.

CATSmart lets you position control right at your fingertips — and eye level. Simply turn and pull the rotary knob on the back of the device and the spring-assisted body raises or lowers to one of five comfort-set heights. Give a push to the display arm and it will swing smoothly for a clear line of sight to procedure data, no matter where you are.
Adjusts vertically
With 5 heights to choose from, CATSmart fits comfortably to everyone’s work style.
CATSmart System - Top of UnitCATSmart System - Bottom of Unit


Quick-glance data. Glove-touch controls.

CATSmart’s tablet-sized monitor is a complete autotransfusion command and control center that will keep you on top of every procedure. A full-color interface makes it easy to see patient data in any light and simple to access all functionality — including Set-up and Help — even in gloved hands.
CATSmart Tablet Size Monitor with Smart Wash Tab Options


Runs quiet, so you
can stay focused.

CATSmart’s quiet-run, wash-mode acoustics minimize equipment-related distractions in your OR. With enhanced soundproofing surrounding both the washing chamber and vacuum pump, it takes three CATSmart devices running side-by-side to generate the decibel level of one C.A.T.Splus.
Up to
CATSmart fades into the background of your OR.
Acoustic Range

acoustic-right-calloutAcoustic Right Callout


Data Management

In reach tools.
Complete reports.

CATSmart’s built-in and optional data management features help make it simple to meet rising reporting needs with accuracy and efficiency.
Help eliminate transcription errors
by inputting patient IDs and disposable batch numbers using the optional barcode scanner.
Barcode Scanner
Quickly export all procedure data through standard USB ports located on the left edge of the display as well as on the back of the device.
CATSmart’s Tablet-Sized Monitor - Showing Remove Set Tab