CATSmart Performance

Blood Bag

PRC Quality

High HCT. Low fat.
No tradeoffs.

CATSmart delivers high-quality PRC, every time. Regardless of the wash program, you’ll get RBC recovery levels above 85% along with impressive HCT and washout rates. You’ll never need to sacrifice high HCT for low non-emulsified fat — CATSmart provides both, at the same time, minimizing patient risk.*

CATSmart delivers
On average regardless of wash program

Data on file at Fresenius Kabi.

CATSmart eliminates
Without reducing final HCT levels

* As demonstrated in published studies.

HCT Sensor

Keeps an eye on performance.

CATSmart makes sure you always know how the system is processing. Two ultrasonic sensors continuously monitor incoming and outgoing HCT and red cell separation as fluids pass through specialized chambers in the AT3 tubing. All captured data is visualized on CATSmart’s display and can be recorded for post-op reporting or review.
HCT sensors are not validated measuring functions and do not replace QC procedures.

Vacuum Pump

On-board for
on-demand viability.

CATSmart makes it easy for you with a built-in, optional vacuum pump that’s controlled through the touchscreen display.
Quiet and accessible

The modular vacuum pump — housed within enhanced soundproofing in the base of the device — is easily accessible for servicing or replacement.

The CATSmart® vacuum features two separate modes of operation:

Intelligent Mode

Automatically powers down when not in use, pre-programmable and adjustable

Manual Mode

Continuous vacuum pressure, pre-programmable and adjustable

CATSmart System - Bottom of Unit

A quick tap of the Vacuum maximum button takes you to full power — at -300 mmHg — for emergency situations.
When volume is manageable, simply slide the on-screen regulator for softer suction levels.

Bacterial Filter

Bacterial filter
To prevent blood contaminants from entering the OR environment, just fit fresh bacterial filter paper in the cassette beneath the vacuum.

Hydrophobic Antibacterial and Antiviral Filter

Hydrophobic antibacterial and antiviral filter
An integrated filter within the CATSmart vacuum ATV set protects the vacuum pump from moisture and microorganisms. A smoke filter can be attached when needed.