Continuous Autotransfusion System

Simply brilliant.
Brilliantly simple.

Presenting Fresenius Kabi CATSmart.

Ingenious continuous-flow processing technology that allows you to start quickly. Easy-to-use, OR-centered design that helps you operate smoothly. Consistent, high-quality packed red cells (PRC) that let you deliver confidently. Autotransfusion just got a whole lot simpler and smarter.

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Refer to the operators manual or instructions for use for a full list of warnings and precautions associated with the device.

CATSmart Machine in 360 Degree View

A 360 Degree View of the CATSmart Machine.

Made with you in mind.
Hear the people behind CATSmart talk about how its technology, design, and performance were driven from the needs of perfusionists like you.

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Light, quiet, flexible.
Fits you and your OR.

Light. Quiet. Flexible.

CATSmart has more than a fresh look — its features and functions take into account your workflow, work style, and work space.

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High PRC quality.
Without tradeoffs.

CATSmart lets you deliver impressive hematocrit and washout rates on every program, for every patient.

CATSmart Hematocrit and Washout Rates Table
Wash Program
Low Volume
200mL | 700mL
Factor 3 | Factor 5
Hematocrit 56 | 72 58 | 61 64 57 60
Non-emulsified fats >99* >99 >99 >99 >99
Heparin >99* >99 >99 >99 >99
Albumin 99 | 97 98 99 95 98
Proteins 98 | 97 98 99 94 97
Potassium 92 93 94 90 92
Hemolysis** .15 | .06 .05 .04 .02 .07
Values above are %

* Starting volume was 400mL for Low Volume wash
** Values reflected immediately after processing

Data on file at Fresenius Kabi.
Collect on average Remove on average more than



hematocrit (HCT) non-emulsified fats
Data on file at Fresenius Kabi.


Continuous flow.
Fast PRC access.

At the heart of the CATSmart is our proprietary separation process. Unlike bowl-based systems, it ensures PRC is available when your patient needs it.

Data Management

Input and export.
At your fingertips.

CATSmart’s USB interface and optional barcode scanner and matrix printer provide for fast, simple, and accurate data collection and transfer.

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